A perfect balance requires a perfect setting. For us, it is all about rejuvenating the mind and relaxing the body. Our flawlessly designed yoga deck lays right on the riverside and offers gorgeous views and sounds of the flowing river below. Fitted with yoga mats and the natural sounds of the jungle, our guests can make their way to the deck for their own private and personal connection to nature.

Rate per class: USD $80.00 plus 10% service charge with instructor or (free without).

Maximum of 4 guests per class there after USD $20.00 per additional guest.

Jasmine Spa

Our “Jasmine Spa” is a hymn to nature, intriguing to the senses yet calming to the mind.  The sounds of falling water, the breeze in the garden treatment room, the chirping of the birds;  all of these and a variety of treatments offering different experiences have been deployed to awaken all the senses and soothe the body and mind.

We blend all our massage oils and scrubs on site and use only the finest of ingredients.

Come spend the day at our “Jasmine Spa” and let us pamper you.


Belize at its finest!

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